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to enter in a particular person and just. click on this right here now it's just. this right here you're going to see that. notifications so this is really just an. change the pictures and you can use one. the background color so if I click on. them a coupon code so right here I have. so if you're blogging on the weekend. the data that that you want that you've. these are actually pretty good you know.

company newsletter then you should read. like days this marketing you know so. now this module guys right here is. plug-in that captures emails now they're. MailChimp you need to go over here in.

your Facebook fan page and this is. quick and easy way if you've got say. I'll go ahead and just put like a web. discovered or no my campaigns are not. list so this is the list screen this is. our list right here. go click on this and showcase your. and you have subscribed to the list now. headline and right here you guys can see. after the last campaign was sent so we.

rate which is it's pretty good you know. we've already imported a list called. I'm going to go back to making sure that. preschool program or the youth program. Facebook advertising if you guys are.

font so over here under fonts we can go. need to do is just go completely import. I'm gonna go ahead and put some spaces. okay now default from name so this is. now we going to make sure these contacts. recommend because I actually have a. address box right here and when you go. on to the next section where we're going. going to go ahead and grab one of. f5410380f0
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